Welcome to CompuGuide
"Guiding you through technology with personalized service and know-how."

With more than ten years experience, CompuGuide specializes in personal and business computing needs, Web development and design, Web maintenance, Web hosting and much more.  Our unique focus is to deliver personalized service and high quality work to our clients at a competitive price. We align our project plans to the clients needs and satisfaction.

CompuGuide realizes that there are people and businesses out there that would highly benefit from making their presence on the Internet, but they don't know where to begin. And, when they figure out where to begin it becomes just plain unaffordable. CompuGuide also realizes that many people have invested large amounts of money into computer system equipment and can only scratch the surfaces on its potential use. That's where we come in --- We can take you from step A to Z with high-quality and personalized service.

CompuGuide has grown substantially in the last 6 months thanks to all the clients who have truly been a pleasure to work with. We appreciate all the word of mouth advertisement you have contributed to our company. We firmly believe that if we provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and quality of work, we will continue to grow and prosper exponentially.

Don't hesitate to contact us at info@compuguide.com